Lead Fullstack Developer




. vision and meaning

SILEX is looking for its Lead Fullstack Developer to revolutionize wealth management with a unique combination of people and tech.


. mission

Your main mission will be to launch the SILEX fullstack development pole. SILEX has invested heavily in tech with SPARK to provide sophisticated digital optimization algorithms for asset management running on millions of bytes of data collected every day.

The mission of your pole will be to create state-of-the-art web applications, exploiting these algorithms, operating in real time, capable of performing up to 400,000 calculations per second, in order to provide our clients and our sales teams the last level of information.

. t
he Tech

The pole's first web application will be the customer area with the following tech choices:

  • React.js (with Redux and Redux Saga) on the front, in its latest version with heavy use of hooks and websockets to transmit data at high frequency. We are looking for a profile with 1 to 2 years of experience in technology.
  • A language and back framework to build real-time APIs with a very high level of expected performance. Even if the choice is free for now, we are looking for a profile with significant experience on the technology in question (> = 5 years experience), with a real-time focus, here on the basis of stock market flows.


. other responsibilities

In addition to the development of the client area, we are looking for a profile capable of:

  • Co-design the application, in particular by developing skills in our complex business with our experts
  • Integrate security, performance and ops aspects in developments (DevSecOps)
  • Develop a solid continuous integration chain, integrating best practices for automated testing
  • Participate in the long-term recruitment of full-stack developers to strengthen your team

. other advantages

SILEX offices are in Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Lugano. The tech teams are all located in intramural Paris, near Charles de Gaulle Etoile.

. the SILEX spirit

All SILEX teams are inhabited by the spirit of entrepreneurship: responsibility, sharing, autonomy, creativity, proactivity, tenacity. You like technical challenges? Come and express your talent in a structure that knows how to accompany and value people.