R Shiny Developer




S I L E X is an independent, technology-based asset manager naturally born in 2016 from the desire of market finance professionals to unite their respective expertise for a single purpose: modernising the world of asset management and accompany wealth managers every step of the way, bringing together the best of human expertise and technology.

To provide access to the quantamental turning point that the industry is taking, S I L E X aims to create a set of proprietary tools, gathered in S P A R K, the proprietary digital platform of the company, which offers a range of robust investment strategies, embedding convictions into best-in-class investment processes and risk management.


Within our Technologies division, in liaison with our Research and Management divisions, you will participate in the development and improvement of the ergonomics of our digital platform S P A R K.

- Maintenance and eovlution development of the platform
- Realization of non-regression tests, debugging
- Communication with research and development teams, financial teams
- Documentation creation for development and tests
- Internal software development (CRM etc.) and portfolio optimization tools developments


- Engineering background with a predominance in development, a finance specialization would be a plus.
- Proven experience of 5 years or more in development (R / Matlab languages)
- A Shiny coding experiment would be a plus.
- Strong interest for Front-End and visual part of the platform (CSS / Javascript)
- Dynamic, analytical, rigorous and autonomous, with a team spirit