26 november 2020


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SPARK is a set of digital tools created by SILEX Technologies, designed to provide support to wealth managers building, optimizing, and monitoring portfolios.


SILEX and me

I joined SILEX Investment Solutions in March 2020 as a member of the structuring team. Investment Solutions is the unit of the SILEX group dedicated to tailor-made investment services, be it mandates, structured products, advisory and proprietary indices.

Given the new challenges and issues in the asset management industry, I wanted to join a company that puts innovation at the heart of its strategy. SILEX matched my entrepreneurial aspirations.

What I like most in my job is to make an impact and provide real added value when meeting our clients. When I discuss their investment challenges with them, I know I can dig deep through the combination of our tools and human expertise. That gives me confidence that the analysis will be relevant and help define a real answer to a specific problem!


SPARK at work

SPARK plays a major role in my job and in the relationship with our partners. By incorporating the history and existing portfolio of our customers into our tools, we value their singularity and the need for a tailor-made approach. An idea that makes sense for client A does not have to make sense for client B. SPARK allows us to intelligently combine and integrate (not stack) good ideas into each partner's portfolio.

Throughout the relationship, SPARK plays a role as support to human expertise. I assume that all models are wrong and biased - but when you add human judgement, you get the best optimization possible. In fact, it is the mix of these two inputs that makes our products unique and interesting.  

The other part of my job is to create systematic strategies. Thanks to SPARK I can dissect them to fully understand all contributions to risk and performance. I can back-test them directly, see various risk metrics on Vol, VaR, performance, Sharpe ratios and easily compare them to other asset classes. SPARK allows me to do my job faster, more accurately and with a global view.