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Structured products

Structured products are complex financial instruments that combine various financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, or commodities, into a single investment product. It is designed to offer specific risk-return profiles that might not be easily achievable through direct investments. These products aim to provide a combination of capital protection, income generation, and potential for capital appreciation.

Leading among the independent providers in the structured products market in Europe, SILEX's offer combines convictions and optimum yield/risk in a tailor-made solution.Our solutions offers a full range of products, adapted to varying market constraints and environments, relying on a combination of human expertise and technology.

  • A team of experts

    The structuring team is responsible for designing and executing structured products. Products are tailored to meet specific investment needs, risk profiles, and market conditions.

    Based on a strong experience in derivatives and independence, guaranteeing the most advantageous conditions and innovation the structuring team provides support and advice over the entire product life cycle, integrating end-client’s needs, risks, expected investment horizon and regulatory framework.

  • Best Execution

    Best execution is a regulatory requirement in the financial industry that obligates market participants to execute trades on behalf of their clients in a manner that seeks to achieve the most favorable terms for the client.

    Our structuring team aims to obtain the best possible products in terms of coupon, maximum redemption, and risks. To do so they implement an open pricing architecture connected to more than 30 issuers.

  • An International Development Team

    Our business development team, spread across 6 offices throughout Europe, accompanies you at every step to understand the needs and constraints while also mastering the local market constraints.

    SILEX has a client centric approach and prioritizes resources to better understand and adress client's need on the long run

  • The strength of a Rock solid brand

    Our Investment Solutions business deploys all of the SILEX resources: engineering, legal, and marketing to offer quality services throughout the marketing value chain including pre sales and post sales operations such as trade execution and smooth confirmation.

    From regulatory aspects to the product platform, our experts support you in all areas.

the team of

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