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Conviction portfolio
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robust statistical indicators.

SILEX's strategies are deployed across a range of UCITS funds, Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs). Our Asset Management division is an independent asset management firm built around a team of highly experienced professionals.

Combining proprietary tools and data with human expertise helps to build more robust portfolios regardless of the market phases and provides optimal management return-risk profiles.

Risk management and process robustness are part of SILEX's DNA. We are only exposed to identified and clearly monitored risks. Our proprietary technology platform SPARK allows us to eliminate undesirable risks and to monitor those we are willing to take.

Credit expertise
Convertibles bonds expertise
Equity expertise

Credit expertise

Our fixed income department has solid expertise in both corporate credit and sovereign debt.
Ranging from thematic strategies to flexible allocation, our investment processes combine a thorough bottom-up know-how with our digital investment platform, in order to optimise the allocation and expected risk-adjusted returns of the portfolios.
We actively manage credit beta and duration through dynamic hedging strategies.

Convertibles bonds expertise

Convertible bonds are a hybrid asset class. They enable us to profit in part from the upside potential of equity markets, while controlling the level of volatility thanks to the bond component, which acts as a parachute.
Convertible bonds management fits perfectly with the SILEX philosophy, successfully combining the best of the two worlds between equity and bond management, conviction based management and quantitative management, between performance and risk management, between simplicity and know how.

Equity expertise

Our equity department creates portfolios which aim to outperform the market, while displaying a resilient behaviour during volatile market phases. Our approach is based on 3 pillars:

  • We only invest in quality stocks, of which the intrinsic risks are understood and mastered.
  • We apply exclusion filters, with which we eliminate risks which we do not master or to which we do not want to be exposed.
  • We actively manage the sector exposure of our portfolios as a function of the economic cycle in order to master their beta. The portfolio management team has the possibility to hedge the portfolio in case of specific market risk.


Our cross-asset strategies allocate capital dynamically across fixed income (sovereign debt and corporate credit), equities and FX as well as investing in mutual funds.
SILEX's approach combines the market convictions of our investment committee with inhouse technology, bringing rigour and robustness in order to optimise our portfolios and their exposures to different risk factors.
This expertise in allocation is complemented by SILEX’s solid knowledge of the underlying asset classes.


SILEX Investment Managers is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This commitment underscores the importance we attach to long-term growth, sharing value creation in a framework of top-level governance and transparency. More information on PRI WEBSITE

SILEX undertakes
the following six

SILEX undertakes<br/>the following <span>six<br/>commitments</span>


Integrate ESG issues into investment decision-making and analysis processes.


Be an active shareholder and integrate ESG issues into your equity policies and procedures.


Request transparency on ESG issues from the entities in which It invests, to the extent possible.


Encourage the adoption and implementation of the Principles in the investment industry


Cooperate to improve the effectiveness of its implementation of the Principles


Report on its activities and progress in implementing the Principles

To strengthen our teams and our knowledge, we are always searching for the greatest talents.